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About Rakish Heels

Based in North London, Rakish Heels are a design label committed to making luxurious footwear with a focus around the heel.

Launched in February 2008 in Las Vegas, our footwear attracts stylish women of all ages who are looking for individuality but not at the expense of quality.

The personality of the Brand is important to us. We try and reflect our Rakishness in all products and packaging through glamour, quirkiness and flirtatious humour...but it's not an exhaustive list!

In case you're wondering, Rakish (ray-kish), is an old English word meaning
bold, fashionable, with attitude, different from the norm.
Our shoes and especially our heels are very rakish, hence the name.

We try not to promote throwaway fashion, preferring to build longevity into our  products. We use the best quality materials available, avoid one season styling and have exclusively developed heel covers, protecting the heels and allowing them to be personalised.

Heel covers are used on selected styles. They are decorated leather covers which are clipped into place over the heel.
When removed they reveal the original heel. Effectively two shoes in one!